Local Police

San Juan Del Puerto Local Police is responsible for maintaining public order and preserving the security of our citizens.

Our Police is a group of highly-skilled and competent professionals who ensure the safety of the residents in San Juan Del Puerto. 

Local Police functions:

  • Traffic regulations and traffic control in town.
  • Helping to fill in traffic accident reports in our neighbourhood.
  • Administrative police for the city council ordinances and regulations
  • Judicial police according to Article 29.2 of the aforementioned law
  • Protecting the local government authorities, and safeguarding the city council premises and facilities.
  • The provision of assistance in cases of accident, disaster or public calamity, ensuring the implementation of civil protection plans
  • Taking preventive measures to avoid criminal acts within the framework of the existing safety meetings
  • The monitoring of public premises and meetings, collaborating with the regional and national security forces in mass events and demonstrations when demanded.
  • Contribute towards the resolution of personal conflicts when required.

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