The city council very actively involves inself into all initiatives taking place in San Juan: Christmas and Carnival-related events, The Fallas of San José, Easter week activities, San Isidro’s pilgrimage or El Rocío, to name but a few. Religious events also acquire special prominence, particularly when focusing on the Sanjuaneras traditions and on Saint John the Baptistwith the celebration in June 18-24 of their festivities and the famous capeas and with the feast of the Virgen del Carmen,due in July 16th..

Certamen de cartas de amor
February 14th
Last February, principle of March
San José
March 19th
Semana Santa
Fiesta de la Cruz
El Rocío
San Juan Bautista
June 18-24
Virgen del Carmen
July 16th
Cine de Verano
From July to August
Semana Cultural
Last August
Romería San Isidro Labrador
Principle of September in "La Torre" ranch
Fiesta de Halloween
November 1st
Día de la Bicicleta
Navidades y Reyes
December 24th to January 5th

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