San Juan Del Puerto city council currently applies the General Urban Development Plan, approved in May 31 st, 2005 by the Provincial Comission of Planning and Urban Development and published in BOJA vol.188, September 26th, 2005.

Further information available at the Carmen convent (Spain square) and in the following:

According to law 7/2002 as of December 17th, on Urban Planning in Andalusia, Town Planning discipline aims for the regulation of those facets that enable  administrative activity in this issue: preventive intervention for building, construction Works and land use (including ground and flight), general technical approval, urban legality protection and, if required, the replacement of physical reality altered and the list of urban offenses and penalties.

Town planning discipline has been developed in strict accordance with the principles of legality, preventive intervention, formality, speed, efficiency,effectiveness, planning, scheduling and consistency.

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