The San Juan del Puerto Community Social Services constitute the basic structure of the Social Services Public System. Their aim is to reach all those San Juan citizens that may require their help on a personal, family and/or social networking basis. These services are therefore characterized by facing a wide variety of personal, family and social situations by making use of various services, programmes, projects, etc.

According to the social services public system, the San Juan del Puerto city council provides their citizens with the following services: INFORMATION, ORIENTATION, COUNSELING AND REFERRAL SERVICES. These services are of primary importance for citizens and their aim is to assist citizens in their problems and provide them with the required technical information and support that it is their right to receive for each particular situation.

These services facilitate our citizens access to our social resources. They also allow them to develop their professional skills to the full. As for the list of services, these are the following:

Information, Assessment and Guidance:

Donde se facilita al ciudadano y a la comunidad en general, a través de sus profesionales, el conocimiento y el acceso a los recursos sociales, así como la potenciación de sus recursos personales.

  • Information and processing of non-contributory disability and retirement allowances and disability. Information and processing of disability degrees.
  • Information and processing of the social wage.
  • Information and processing of parking licenses for people with reduced mobility.
  • Information and processing of aids for the disadvantaged and disabled Elderly.
  • Information and processing of functional adjustment home grants of the home (removing bathtubs and architectural barriers).
  • Individual aid grants by the Junta de Andalucía.
  • Information and processing of large family passbooks.
  • Information and processing of the 65-year-old Junta de Andalucía card (two modalities).
  • Information and processing of applications for the recognition of the Disability Law.
  • Information and processing of Imserso holidays for the Elderly.
  • Information and processing of Social Program Cures (SPA) Inserso.
  • Information and processing of the Andalusian Social Tourism Programme.
  • Information and processing of birth and adoption grants.
  • Referral of foreigners to specific entities
  • Counseling and assistance to children, women, elderly, disabled, etc.
  • Social reporting at the request of other institutions (courts, health centers, etc.).
  • Collaboration with other institutions, internal and external resources of the community.
  • Identification, assessment and monitoring of families struggling to meet their basic needs (Red Cross food drive and collaboration with the Resurgir Commissary.
  • Detection, analysis and referral to the Child Care Service/Family Treatment Team.
  • Temporary aids aimed at protecting the most vulnerable families in San Juan del Puerto.
  • Advice on creating associations.
  • Cooperation Agreement with the Ministry of Interior to perform the Services for the Benefit of the Community.

Servicios Sociales

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